Friday, 25 October 2013

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AMC Agency 

Assertive model agency is an employment agency supplying the demand of mainly models. We do however supply walk on artists and dancers. You will find the service given by our team to be swift and effective.
The agency opens at 7 am and works until 7.00pm Monday - Friday. Weekends we always have at least one member of staff on standby for the booking of last minute models or for models working weekends. No other UK agent works as hards as assertive model casting agency and is open to the public and model bookers a like for a solid 12 hours per day.

Assertive model casting agency have supplied models to many clients from big name brands like Umbro to medium sized companies such as cube creative group. That said and done we are more than happy to work with smaller companies looking to hire models with a  low budget.

Assertive model casting always ensures all child models have the correct child performers license in place before allowing them to work. The license is free and assertive will direct all parents how to obtain the licence via the local authority.

AMC Agency

Assertive model casting agency charge no upfront fees what so ever. We only charge a % from work after we have secured the model the job and have received full payment from the client. Our commission can be as low as 20% and never more than 30%.

Assertive Model Casting Agency is an employment agency supplying models, dancers, actors and walk on artists. The agency is very well known in the industry for the friendly service to models and clients alike. If you have the pleasure of dealing with any AMCA team members it will always be professional and swift in getting the job done 100% correctly.

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  1. I am relieved to see I can sign up with AMC without having to pay an upfront fee. I was also very interested in how much and when they do collect fees. I know they can't do all the work without getting compensated, but I was curious as to how much it would be. Thanks for the information here I see it is a small 20-30% collected after payment is made.this takes a big weight off my shoulders because I was concerned how I would pay for a professional company like AMC. Now I'm looking forward to being a part of the AMC family.